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 2" X 8' Bamboo poles Natural Half-Round Pack 10 Half



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$109.00/PACK 10 HALF



Excellent Bamboo

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Products Description:

Natural Bamboo Poles has composition of the dense fibers level density in lower. Result to moso bamboo is extreme flexibility, soft and thin wall bamboo than construction bamboo poles. It is easier to build. These bamboo poles bring your another best choice ideas for outdoor and indoor tropical island theme décor with a budget price.

Please don’t confuse with construction bamboo poles with thick wall and solid bamboo because of the higher dense fibers level in each bamboo for density strength, durability – Construction solid bamboo poles ,its own structural integrity (it is hard, alike steel) and longevity. More details instruct on same site above.

All Creasian’s bamboo poles are harvested from 4-6 year to reach best quality of dense fiber level density in each kind of wall thickness for each bamboo type. All bamboo poles are well natural treatment in multiple curing steps result in beauty, durability.

 If you have any question regarding to this product please contact us: 714-846-2159


   Bamboo Poles Natural Half-round 2" x 8.ft


 In connection with the projects of the bamboo products, we are interested to know if a mutual cooperation could be possible, If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know. Please contact us 714-846-2159 or send the Email: sales@bamboocreasian.com



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