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Bamboo Fence is capable of meeting the growing demand for consumption of high-quality in foreign markets for many years. The bamboo fencings are made by individual poles to be hold with galvanize wire bound rolled panel. All fencing bamboo are pride straightness, it has long been treated to protect against rots, fungal, decay and insect attack. 


Key Feature

  Private outdoor and indoor living spaces

  Bar, Pool and spa surrounds

  Balconies and verandahs

  Commercial landscapes and interiors

  Conceal rubbish bins and aircon units

  Wind shelters




Bamboo fences for privacy, home & commercial tropical décor

High Quality bamboo fencing is primary in all of Creasian’s bamboo fencing. We provide the best of bamboo fencing products. Our success is directly related to our high quality of bamboo fencing. Only carefully hand- selected premium grade bamboo poles, the finest quality controlled treatment, properly galvanized steel and professional Craftsmen.
Bamboo roll fencing is essential material for creating unique resort style designs. Bamboo fences are used for outdoor living spaces and indoors. The Certified Pressure Label vert excel is selected for bamboo fencing The treatment provides our bamboo and fencing products significant protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack. The thickness of bamboo poles is increasing durability and strength The main active ingredient in the ACQ preservative is copper, which has long been known as an effective wood preservative.

Creasian’s professional consultants will work with you at no cost to assist in planning of your home and landscaping. We want to turn your home or your business into a tropical oasis with our beautifully of bamboo fencing.
We stock commercial quality bamboo fences, based on our desire to provide high quality of bamboo fencing for our customers, we offer expert installation within our current local service area by our professional installers. Feeling pride in our role as the finishing touch of all installed projects, our consider the works like the Art of installation and give you a product of bamboo fence with our signature mark of Creasian’s bamboo fences.    



All bamboo fences are not the same –  But high quality bamboo fencing – With straight poles and thick wall only you can find them at bamboo creasian.

 Creasian's Bamboo fencing Carbonized has special process treatment – Color applied  to bamboo through steam heat treatment without any chemical toxic -  result to rich color  tone of deep dark brown in both of outside and inside bamboo, not stained or not dyed. We used hands "Fire straightened" to make the poles straight. The poles cut for natural caps to avoid the water go inside to protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack. Bamboo fencing Carbonized  after finished by marine sealer. The color will become darker . It's can last 15 years or more.

bamboo fences Natural
bamboo fences Carbonized

For many reasons bamboo has experienced a major increase as a strong durable fencing material. It is naturally termite resistant and is an affordable way to increase a tranquil escape on patios. Today this attractive material is a popular way to make patios private and secluded. In order to install the Bamboo Fencing on your place environments feel free to contact us Bamboo Creasian 714-846-2159 to get more details about how to install bamboo fence.

  Bamboo fencing material is sold in rolls 6 feet high, eight feet long, with each individual pole in 1 to 2 inches in diameters. Since bamboo is a natural wood, there is a slight variation in each poles diameter. The standard color is called “ light brown” which is the most common very pale yellow color. There can be considerable differences in bamboo quality. The less expensive, smaller diameter, or imitation bamboo, such as that sold at other vendors, is of poor quality and is not permitted at our commitment. High quality bamboo can be found at Bamboo Creasian on Huntington Beach Ca,. In addition, all Creasian bamboo is pretreated to protect against rot, fugal decay, and attack by insects.


Bamboo Roll Fences

Bamboo Fencing Carbonized 4'H x 8'W x 1.25D








Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fencing Carbonized 6'H x 8'W x 1.25D On Sale



Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fencing Carbonized 8'H x 8'W x 1.25D On Sale



Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fences Natural  4'H x 8'W x 1.25D


Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fences Natural 6'H x 8'W x 1.25"D


Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fences Natural  8'H x 8'W x 1.25"D On Sale




Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fencing Carbonized 8'H x 8'W x 2"D On Sale


Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Fencing Natural 8'H x 8'W x 2"D  On Sale








$136/roll - Out stock

Excellent Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo Shinto Splits Fencing 6'H x 8'W x 1.75"D

On Sale



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Bamboo Shinto Splits Fence 8'H x 8'W x 1.75"D 

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Bamboo Fence Natural 8'H x 8'W x 1"D 




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Bamboo Fence Natural 4'H x 8'W x 1"D  




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Our popular 8 ft. long Natural bamboo fence with 1.25" fire straightened  poles

Bamboo fencing Carbonized  after finished by marine sealer. The color will become darker . It's can last 15 years or more.

Excellent Bamboo Fencing






Creasian's Bamboo fence rolls are eco-friendly environment products, sustainable, and naturally beautiful choice enhances your ambience of landscaping, tropical resorts, backyards. We offer you the selection of diverse form, rich color in a variety of bamboos that chosen standard of fences field in worldwide.


When putting the finishing touches on your yard and landscaping projects, a common dilemma is what kind of fencing designs to use. One of today's most popular and affordable options in decorative fencing is bamboo. Its natural elegance adds privacy and security, as well as a unique look to a rich green garden. This attractive, durable material is well known for its warmth and beauty, but also for its convenience and ease of use. One of the simplest, most time saving ways to have a bamboo fence installed is with the use of Bamboo Fencing Panels. As the name implies, they are pre-made panels of quality bamboo fencing that are ready to be installed.

Consider what purpose your bamboo fence will serve in your yard. Is it for privacy, or more of a decorative bamboo edging? Will it be used to contain a garden, or to provide a look and feel of the tropics? To provide you with some direction and to inspire ideas, fencing contractors or installers can show you some designs and products that they have used to beautify other homes and gardens. Bamboo Fencing Panels are versatile in that they can be installed quickly and can be left up permanently or temporarily, depending on their function and purpose.

Naturally, our eyes are drawn to fine details such as rails and gates, and these can be easily incorporated into the design of your fence. As you examine pictures of sample projects, keep in mind that simple yet functional components like bamboo gates and bamboo rails can be built in with the Bamboo Fencing Panels to achieve a look of elegance. In areas like Houston and Michigan, this design and attention to detail has become the standard of excellence in the more sought-after areas and neighborhoods. Reputable fencing installers in these areas are experienced and can provide this same look for a great value.

Your home is your greatest asset, and increasing its curb appeal and value is something that is necessary, and, fortunately, easy to do. Cheap Bamboo fencing is a way to do this while allowing you to focus your time and attention on other things. Some online searching will put you in touch with some of the finest bamboo fencing installers in your area. Your fencing contractor will install your Bamboo Fencing Panels and have your yard and garden looking the very best that it can while adding beauty and style to your home.


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