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Tiki Bar Paradise and Hut Built In

Our palm hut bars are made from the highest quality bamboo poles and palm logs found in the deep of Viet Nam tropical Jungle. We specialize in building Tiki Bars for businesses or home throughout the entire state of US. From Hotel Resorts to Restaurants and Bars, Each palm hut bar project is unique, therefore and masterpiece as you could not find anywhere else in United States.

Bring a tropical of Tiki bar to your outdoor rooms capes. Transform your exterior living space into an relaxed vacation of your home by selecting bamboo tiki bar sets complimented with a choice of exquisite inspiring Tiki bars from Bamboo Creasian.

Bamboo tiki bar is highest quality products with the excellent shipping in your desire for home or business with a selection from variety of side Tiki bar designs to create a tropical oasis with one of our beautifully hand crafted Bamboo Tiki Bars.

The Palm hut bars Creasian's teams will Design and build all types of Themed log structures. We provided high end bamboo products with  every tiniest parts of tiki bars must follow these quality control standard  which are made carefully from hands selection and have been harvested at least 5 years-old  after Dried treatment by system in standard time spending  to achieve all required moisture contents  under 6% of bamboo  poles. Our bamboo tiki bar  was treated carefully to protect against rot, fungal, decay and insect attack to reach required appearance.

 Tiki Bar huts are use for outdoor and indoors living space. It can be used for Restaurants, Hotels, Night Clubs, golf country clubs, Zoos, Swim clubs, Studio - Entertainments and much more!

Palm Hut Bar Custom

Bamboo Bar Hut  Solid Palm Hut Bar Eco Bamboo Tiki Bar
L Shape Tiki Bar Hut Tiki Bar Custom Palapa with Bar

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Palm Hut Bar For your Home and business

      One of the most tropical vacation feeling in Home and commercial is Palm hut bar. At Bamboo Creasian, we are carried than twenty different kind of tiki bar, and the palm hut bar species range from the small size to the large bar - numerous products are made from excellent Craftsman.  Another common Palm hut that is used for making all kind of artefacts is the highly adaptable for business and restaurant. The Palm hut bar is also widely friendly in the region, especially in Hotel Resort, and is often found in vacation house or other parts of the business. Palm hut bars are romantic, intimate;  they give Is a sense of relaxing and delightful.

 Bar Huts Custom For Commercial And home : Are You Interested In A Custom Designed Tiki Bar For Your Business and Home?  We will work throughout the entire state of US. Your Tiki Bar Hut will be completed built in our place at Bamboo Creasian California, ready ship to you after take it off by parts and put inside the plywood crates for freight. The Tiki Bar installing is follow by video and booklets instructions

Bamboo Tiki Bar For sale: We will building your own personal paradise Tiki Bar Huts at our warehouse and send out these photos report update day by days. You will be able to see just what we are doing with your Tiki Bar and how is your Tropical Tiki bar look. Please call us 714-846-2159. We will be happy to schedule with you. We offer FREE consultation for your inquiry. Let us help you build your Tropical Paradise!

Palm Hut Bar Are Style Options and we build all different sizes and shapes:The Tiki bar sets Creasian has a team of highly skilled craftsman, we build all different sizes and shapes of bamboo tiki bar, palm hut bar, U shape bar, tiki bar L shape, eco tiki bar. Let us help you design a tiki bar with huts or Give us your ideas and we can help you to bring excellent choice when looking to add the feel and look of an island oasis.

How long does take to build a custom Tiki Bar order? Our Creasian's team works will take about 3 weeks to build your Tiki Bar in our warehouse, during the time we working with tiki bar, we will be able to send you all these photos report update for the bar. You can see just what we are doing with your Tiki Bar until the final the bars ship to you.

Outdoor Tiki Bars are able to sustain the strongest winds even in hurricanes: Our high quality Tiki bars are built to stand up to all seasons. Palm thatched roofs are easily able to sustain the strongest winds even in hurricanes.

Palm Hut Bar Maintenance: Maintenance on palm hut bar or thatched roofs is minimal. We usually apply a water based fire retardant. This is a seal the Tiki Bar frames to protect against rot, fungal, decay and insect attack to reach required appearance. Bamboo Creasian will supply our customers with the choice that works best for them.

Eco- Friendy Backyard Shade Solution: Let's enhance your indoors and outdoors with hand- constructed Creasian's Bamboo tiki bars and stool kits. All our bamboo tiki bars and barstools are made of naturally treated bamboo solid and Asian resistance water thatch roofs.

Creasian's Tiki Bar Huts benefits

  • Custom built in U.S.A

  • Esaly to install and take them off by a part

  • All materials are of the highest grade bamboo poles and solid palm

  • Our Tiki Bars required low maintenance

  • thatche roofs can withstand extreme conditions.

  • Fire Retardant certificate

Freight Transportation for your Tiki Bar Huts

The Tiki Bar Hut kit will be take off by these parts and put inside of two plywood crates and ready ship to you. Installing will follow video and booklet instructions.

Come to Bamboo Creasian choice the Best selection of tiki bars, real bamboo tiki bar kits custom- made, tiki huts, tiki decor for home and business. FREE CONSULTATION Call us:714-846-2159


Bamboo Tiki Bars can be created by your own unique designs. At Bamboo Creasian, We have several options for your to make a choice. Come to bamboo creasian to reconnect with bamboo tiki bars and share in the excitement.

Bamboo Tiki bar - Manufactures bamboo designs products
Bring the tropics home and Create a tropical look.
Tell us what you want to build for tropical look, we will design and build palapa to fit

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