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Bamboo Poles, use them for fencing, tiki bars, decks and Home Décor

Bamboo Creasian provides commercial grade and quality bamboo pole products as Moso bamboo poles, Solid walled thickness bamboo poles, construction bamboo poles from the tropical jungle in Asia - where we can select the highest quality bamboo in the world because the tropical weather condition helps bamboo growing-strength most.

Creasian’s bamboo poles are harvested and well treated from mature bamboo trees at 4-6-year in Southeastern Asia. The bamboo poles are maximum thick walls and strong structure density, large diameters from 1”, 2”, 3”, 3.3/4 inches to 6 inches with lengths up to 12 foot. Bamboo has for centuries been used in construction building materials, the powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo is used internally to consider that bamboo pole is the 1st choice of green material for eco-friendly design of construction building strategies.

   Bamboo poles supply -  We are carried varieties diameters of bamboo poles ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches diameter and up to 20 feet lengths. Bamboo Poles are the fastest growing for the greening of degraded lands. With Asia mineral rich land, we will provide the huge bamboo poles shipped directly from Asian to your location. The treatment provides our bamboo pole and timber products significant protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.


Bamboo poles Carbonized

Bamboo poles Natural

Bamboo poles Black

Bamboo poles Solid

Bamboo poles Pre- treated

Bamboo Construction Poles

Bamboo pole Carbonized Halfround

Bamboo pole Natural Halfround Bamboo pole Darker Halfround

Bamboo pole Sanded Unfinished

 Black bamboo Sticks

Natural bamboo Sticks

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo poles can meet the criteria for green building materials offering. Bamboo is listed one in top of ten and top of one hundred sustainable products. That is your prior choice selection for living applications. There is more popular aesthetically "green home" trend using bamboo with ecological benefits and affordable budget, sustainable choice. The wood, steel, concrete materials not only become expensive but also they are not eco-friendly environment as bamboo is. High quality Bamboo pole is better to choose as natural building material for durability, sustainability and economic benefit.

Naturally Versatile

Bamboo pole is one of nature's miracle plants. It is ratio of strength to weight is better than fiberglass, wood and it is the fastest growing plant on the earth. In the past hundred years, Designer who have been using hardwoods are becoming enchanted with the aesthetics of bamboo, a readily sustainable material for building homes, designing furniture and crafting accessories.

Style Options and Durability

 Bamboo poles solid in  are some of the strongest and sturdiest bamboo in the world.  They are so special that the variety has its own unique name.  You will hear them referred to as Tre Gai. Bambusa Stenostachya "Tre" is bamboo.  But "Gai" is the special bamboo pole from Viet Nam. It's doesn't like Tonkin or Moso bamboo poles easy to crack and split late. Once the bamboo Tre Gais are harvested, they are brought to look a rustic with a dense wall. Bamboo poles Tre- Gai is considered to be the World strongest bamboo with a tensile strength greater then steel, which makes it an excellent species for construction. Solid bamboo poles have a wall thickness, are versatile, sturdy and long-lasting, use for indoor and outdoor applications in any climate.

Black Bamboo pole is commonly darker color than other type of all natural bamboo poles. These dark bamboo poles can be used for a variety of applications. Thick walled and widely used in decorative exterior or interior with shades which range from dark brown color to black tones

Tam Vong is a multi-purpose plant, the largest value is timber pole. Bamboo pole used in construction, manufacturing projectors and handicraft goods. In addition, Tam vong bamboo pole are use as building materials such as Woods timber and other species. Tam vong bamboo pole is durability, especially the ability to easily bent so the pole is used in many other fields such as: Making tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets and House facility.

An unfinished and sanded bamboo poles - Color system - allows the customer to finish and stain the pole to their exact specifications. Unfinished bamboo poles made by bamboo pole Tre Gai sanded. Once the bamboo pole is heat treated and dried, it is sanded. Then, it can be sealed or stained and finished. It works with many whitewash wood and any colors. Also, we sell unfinished and sanded bamboo pole half round or bamboo slats moldings.

 Pressure Treated Bamboo Poles is a green natural looking color to blend in with outdoor and indoor projects. This bamboo pole can be used in a variety of building applications. Pressure treating is a processing that helps bamboo timber withstands the elements and wards off insects, microorganisms and fungal decay. 

• Moisture content 6-12%
• Hardness 4.8 on Grinnell Hardness Test (compared to Oak at 3.6 and Pine at 1.7) (carbonizing process reduces hardness slightly)
• Density 0.62g / cm3
• Stability dimensional change co-efficient of 0.00143
• Rigidity bending modulus of elasticity 950,00 PSI

Our Bamboo poles have multiple quality production process:

  • Hand selected single bamboo pole

  • Quality control inspection bamboo products

  • Treatment occurring to preserve and prevent from fungus and termite

  • Dry treatment for natural yellow color, 15% moisture content for bamboo moisture standard reach

Come to Bamboo Creasian, you can have many multiple selections for your projects with high quality bamboo pole and durable material. We offer 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft bamboo poles in both of individual pole or bundles includes set of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 25 sticks.

  • Multiple selection of colors: Natural, Carbonized, Black, Sand and Finish poles, Green Bamboo

  • Multiple choice of walled thickness bamboo: Moso Bamboo pole, Solid Bamboo pole, Construction Bamboo pole, Half-round Bamboo pole and much more 

Bamboo Pole Applications

  •  Decorative Home and Business projects, Restaurants, Spas.

  • ·Backyard projects : Tiki huts, Palapa Huts, Canopies, Bamboo Huts, Bamboo Houses, Bamboo lamp shade

  • Tea houses, Tiki bars, railings, pergolas, fences

  • Tropical resorts, Hawaii décor, island themes, koi fish pond décor, themed park, zoo, hotels, and business space.

  • Fences applications,

  • DIY Indoor and outdoor projects



Why Choose Bamboo Poles? Bamboo information - Bamboo Poles

  • You can find a naturally durable bamboo poles for the durability and longevity uses. Solid Bamboo poles are natural pest resistant, alternative to wood or timber. Buy bamboo poles at Bamboo Creasian you can find unique quality bamboo with wholesale prices or on sale bamboo poles . if you may have further questions please contact us

  •  You can find environmentally friendly bamboo products at Creasian. Because bamboo is the fastest growth plant alternative to woods. Using bamboo it means you are protecting the earth environment for now and the future. And the best choice for your budget projects.

  •  You can find naturally versatile bamboo at Creasian. Because we supply a range of bamboo poles for multiple benefit : decoration and construction projects, tropical themed resorts…. used for indoor and outdoor applications in any climate as Moso Bamboo, Solid bamboo, Black Bamboo, Natural bamboo, Carbonized bamboo, Bamboo Fencing

  •  Besides benefit of environment, Using bamboo - You can find the natural beauty from Mother Nature for your own projects:

  • Use Bamboo to create relaxing atmosphere, creating a calm and peaceful home

  • Use Bamboo is natural simple solutions to transform your spaces into a relaxing retreat

  • Use Bamboo to bring nature inside. Decorative bamboo on display de-stresses the atmosphere of your space and helps tropical and green feeling.

  • Use Bamboo To transform your spaces to tropical theming and island décor, Japanese Zen garden, Koi fish Zen garden,

  • Use bamboo to enhance your gardens, patios, apartment balconies

  • Use Bamboo to transform your spaces decorative and natural appearance

  • Use bamboo to make fences to add privacy and cover ugly wall

  • Use Bamboo to add a unique oriental atmosphere for your gardens, landscapes. atmosphere

BAMBOO POLES FOR SALE at wholesale price - more durable, natural and sustainable.  We specialize in bamboo poles-cane, natural bamboo hollow Moso poles, solid bamboo tre gai, bamboo stakes. You are looking for bamboo poles with high quality. Creasian bamboo is your source of bamboo construction grade, tiki huts, tiki bars, bars tools, palapa kits with water resistance Asian thatch roofs - home decor, interior decorating & exterior designs of garden, patios, backyards with exotic island oasis theming. At Bamboo creasian, you can get quality more than what you expects. We ship nationwide from California warehouse 50 states as Florida, Delaware, New York, Maine.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles may vary.

Wholesale bamboo poles- Black Bamboo poles - bamboo carbonized poles- bamboo natural poles- bamboo construction poles - bamboo half round carbonized - bamboo garden stakes - bamboo half round black- bamboo half round natural - bamboo solid poles

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