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Outdoor Surrounds
  Bamboo Fencing
  Bamboo Poles
  Umbrella Palapa & Thatch
  Bamboo Tiki Hut - Tea House
  Bamboo Tiki Bar
  Screens and Shades

Interior Panels
  Bamboo Matting
  Bamboo Woven Panels
  Bamboo Flooring
  Bamboo Decking- weave core
  Bamboo Bed

Interior Elements
  Home & Commercial Resorts
  Bamboo Ladders
   Manila Ropes


         Shipping Information


Shipping Timelines

In order to ship your purchase, Bamboo Creasian uses Ground and Air Freight (in the continental United States).  All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.  Your order can be received within 5-7 business days.

* Protecting your information is of the highest importance.  We will not sell or give away your information to any third party without your permission

All orders received by 12:00 p.m. PST are SHIPPED SAME DAY

Packaging and Prepare for shipment

Bamboo Creasian orders are packaged and prepared carefully. All shipments are inspected to make sure the quantities and style are correct. Depending on the type of products ordered, packaging and freight service may vary.

Bamboo creasian Products         Package Type                                        Carriers service

 Bamboo Fencing Pallet Freight Truck
Bamboo matting Pallet or Carton UPS or FedEx
Bamboo woven Panel Pallet Freight Truck
Bamboo Pole Carton Freight Truck
Bamboo tiki bar Pallet or crane Freight Truck
Bamboo tiki hut crane Freight Truck
Bamboo ladder Carton FedEx

Damaged  Merchandise  

When the material leaves our warehouse, it becomes your material.  Bamboo Creasian cannot be held liable for damage orthe  loss of a shipment by a freight carrier.  Claims for damaged product, suspected damages, or shortages must be noted on the carrier's delivery receipt.  All damages and defective products must be reported to Bamboo Creasian within 7 business days of delivery.  The carrier claims representative should be notified by the customer immediately.

*If the freight is signed off by the customer as a clear delivery (meaning no shortage or damage), no claim can be filed with the shipping company or Bamboo Creasian.

Exchange and Return Policy

 All sales are final.  Products ordered incorrectly cannot be returned without prior approval.  A "Return Material Authorization" form will be provided by Bamboo Creasian and must accompany the product.  All returns shall have freight and related costs prepaid by the customer from point of origin.  Product must be new and in marketable condition.  Additionally, there will be a 20 percent (20%) restocking fee on all returned product.  All freight charges are 100% non-refundable.  Bamboo Creasian assumes the responsibility for Company errors at no charge to customer.


Cancellation or Change Orders of Standard Products

 Orders are processed as they are received.  Once they are put into production, add-ons may have to be treated as a new order and may hold up shipment of the original order.  Cancellations and/or Change Orders are subject to approval by Bamboo Creasian.


Technical Advice

Any technical advice furnished by Bamboo Creasian, or any representative of Bamboo Creasian, concerning the use or application of its product is believed to be reliable.  However, the Company makes no warranties, express or implied, of results to be obtained.  Customer assumes all responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the handling or use of any such product, or from any such technical advice.



Bamboo is a natural product; each pole is unique and will vary in size, shape, taper, and color.  All poles are expected to be within +/-20% of the range diameter it is sold in.  Bamboo is a wood product and subject to cracking, splitting and discoloration, none of which will affect its structural purpose.  Although our pre-treatment greatly inhibits the occurrence of these unwanted effects, proper maintenance with wood stains and sealers will help insure continued protection.  Bamboo is a wood product and will fade from the sun.  Bamboo is a wood and can be subject to surface mold when used outdoors.  

 If surface mold is noticed, the following steps are recommended to remove the mold:  Pressure wash or scrub the Bamboo surface.  Let the Bamboo dry and add a wood sealer with a fungicide.  Bamboo is a wood product and is flammable.  If Bamboo is to be used indoors it is recommended it be treated with a fire retardant.  Fencing products contain galvanized steel wiring that can rust over time.




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