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20 FT Cocoboo Hut Bar and 16 bamboo  Chairs



 Cocoboo Hut Bar

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Products Description: The Craftsman Cocoboo Bar U Shape Kit has a 20 Foot diameter round shade Solid Palm Hut and14' x 14' Tiki U shape Bar come together with 18 sturdy Bamboo Chairs. Solid Palm wood Tiki Bar U Shape Kit is the perfect way to bring the Tropical outdoor living space to your backyard or business. Our Bamboo U Shape Bar Kit are easy to put together by follow the instruction from Booklet instruction. See details The Cocoboo Tiki Bar Hut U Shape kits below.

20 FT Palm Hut Round Shape Roofs

  • Coconut Palm is more commonly known outside of the woodworking community, where it is cultivated and grown throughout the tropics worldwide for the wooden house. We only used Coconut Palm harvested for wood after they have passed their time of fruit-bearing over 50-70 years to build Tiki Hut.

  • Dimension: 20 FT Diameter Palm Hut Round Shade Palm Roofs

  • Weight: 950 Lbs. Includes The Palm Thatch roof

  • 4 Post Solid Palm wood 8" diameter x 9' to hold up the Top Roofs

  • Top frame roofs are made by solid Palm logs and Bamboo timbers

  • With Asian Thatch Roofing- You will be safe by without to worry about Rain or wet of water. It's like permanent roofs

  • Cooboo Hut Bar had sealed with cetol Marine  to protect against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.

  • 32 Ribs design

  • 32 bamboo Slat to hold up Thatch Roof


  • Dimension: 14 ft. Long x 14 ft. Width  x 45"High

  • Weight: 500Lbs. Includes 2 bamboo shelves 3/4" thickness

  • Top Tiki Bar is made by 3/4" thickness bamboo panel

  • The Bamboo Tiki Bar U-Shape is made by 3 part to put together

  • Easy to inatall.


  18 Bamboo Chairs


The Tiki Bar Hut kit will be take off by these parts and put inside of two plywood crates and ready ship to you. Installing will follow video and booklet instructions.

If you have any question regarding to this product please contact us: 714-846-2159.



Beams join
20 FT Palm Hut Round Shade Roofs
Bamboo Shelves
Counter Bar Top

Bamboo Chairs
Shipping - Ply Wood- Crates
Bamboo Tiki Bars can be created by your own unique designs. At Bamboo Creasian, We have several options for your to make a choice. Come to bamboo creasian to reconnect with bamboo tiki bars and share in the excitement.

If you have any question regarding to this product please contact us: 714-846-2159.


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Tell us what you want to build for tropical look, we will design and build palapa to fit

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